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About us

The state of the market

We have to admit, as career talent acquisition professionals we are constantly disappointed & often embarrassed,when we hear about the generally poor standards of service in our industry. Unsurprisingly, it also happens to be not that effective.

Diminished expectations

The reasons? Sure, recruitment has always had its highly commoditised element but what drives much of the weak service levels is the fact that many client & candidate expectations appear to have dropped considerably – hiring companies just don’t appear to expect that much from recruiters these days and if you’re looking for a change of employment you nervously entrust a recruiter but would probably rather do it yourself, if you had the time.

Success via good fortune or by design?

A general lack of trust, no accountability & highly transactional process combines to form a loose business model in which success becomes more by good fortune than design.

The solution

Kadenz Executive is all about providing a totally accountable & dedicated service, exclusively tailored to your individual requirements & with guaranteed results.

We require & provide that exclusivity, be it in our level of dedication to a Client or engaging the top talent with a unique market proposition.

Not for everyone

Our approach admittedly isn’t for everyone & that’s fine.

After all, the market is full of hungry & often inexperienced recruiters willing to work on your jobs, fill their online ad-quota or mail-shot your CV across what they perceive your sector to be.

Professional consultation

If you want something different however & believe there’s a more professional & effective way to conduct business, then schedule a consult call by clicking the link.