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It’s a tough market

Competition to hire the very best industry talent has increased significantly in recent years. Social-media & recruitment tools, supposedly designed to help, have actually contributed to providing even more market noise to contend with.

Recruitment over-promise

Recruiters you engage with tend to over-promise & under-deliver and are more than happy to scrap around to be the first to advertise your vacancy online, a race to be first to market.

Despite all this activity you have no guarantees, little accountability & certainly no certainty on when you may be able to successfully make that hire, with the obvious time & budget implications.

The solution

Kadenz Executive is all about providing a totally accountable & dedicated service, exclusively tailored to your individual requirements & with guaranteed results.
With our considerable experience & market positioning, we ensure we engage with the sector leaders. That’s the talent you want to hire but, the thing is, they’re not actively searching for a new role. Most of our candidate relationships are with professionals who rely on Kadenz for news on the latest sector propositions & are open-minded to our consultative approach – they listen.

Professional consultation

If you believe there’s a more professional & effective way to conduct business, then schedule an initial no-obligation consult call by clicking the link.