The Role of Small Cells in IoT and M2M

Up to 200 billion machines and sensors will be connected to the Internet of Things within the next five years, creating an unprecedented need for low robust wireless network solutions.   While LPWANs like Sigfox and others have been gaining momentum (and have enjoyed significant media coverage), it is important that we don’t forget the […]

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What are Small Cells?

Wireless Network Overview: What are Small Cells?   The need for mobile connectivity is increasing at an unprecedented rate. As more devices become reliant or wireless networks, it is necessary for operators to provide robust solutions that allow for high bandwidth, while also remaining power efficient. One approach that is being utilized by the majority […]

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Industry 4.0 – Implications for Industry not adopting

Around the globe there is a massive change underway. The manufacturing sector is feeling the pangs of adjustment to this new development. The metamorphosis has been aptly named, “Industry 4.0 and is the fourth industrial revolution to take place in just the past 150 years.   Right now, industry stands on the precipice of a […]

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