Smart Home networking – what are the options?

Recent Developments in Smart Home Networking   It wasn’t long ago when the thought of a remotely controlled connected home was limited to the realms of science fiction. Today, we understand the Smart Home as reality. From alarm and security systems connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), to smart refrigerators, and even automated garden […]

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Will consumer apathy slow developments in Smart Home technology?

If you went to the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas this year, you were treated to a veritable head-spinning array of IoT devices, the likes of which most consumers have never seen. There were devices that could control your lights, your locks, your music, your television, adjust your TV screen, fix your thermostat and even […]

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Industry 4.0 What is it and What Does it Offer?

Industry 4. 0 is a term that is being bandied about very frequently, yet even the most skilled of machinist and industrial workers probably have no real clue what the term actual means. Industry 4.0 is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”  It is the current trends that are being used in data, automation and new technology […]

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