How IOT is enabling consumer driven healthcare

What is Consumer Driven Healthcare?   Consumer driven healthcare, to use the narrowest definition out there, are health insurance plans that allow patients to use their health savings accounts to pay for basic or routine health care directly.   Consumer driven health care allows you to budget for your own healthcare plans and spending. Further, […]

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Opportunities for IOT within the Assisted Living domain

The logical continuation of the internet is the Internet of Things. Advancements in the technology that we are using has led to thousands and thousands of smart objects that are capable of helping people in myriad of ways. Not the least of these ways is helping people who require assistance with the activities of daily […]

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Will NB-IOT be the killer LPWAN solution?

Will NB-IOT be the Killer LPWAN Solution?   Technology can do so much for us. From connecting a medical device to helping to keep our car serviced properly, there is very little that cannot be helped by a dose of new tech. Speaking of new tech, Vodafone and other companies hope that the emerging NB-IoT […]

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